Food production
HACCP is a system of identification, assessment and control of hazards throughout the production chain of food – from receiving raw material through to implementation to the final consumer.
The ISO 22000 standard covers all stages of food production – from quality control of raw materials to packing material, as well as the conditions of transportation, storage and sale of finished products.
Based on FSSC 22000 standards, it is a reliable and internationally recognized food safety management system certification scheme.
Based on FSSC 22000 standards, it is a reliable and internationally recognized food safety management system certification scheme.
This standard controls the chemical, microbiological, radioactive contamination and mechanical blockage of almost all kinds of agricultural products of animal and vegetable origin throughout the entire production cycle.
BRCGS Food issue 8 is an international food safety and quality standard developed by the British Retail Consortium.


Standard for energy management system ISO 50001 provides any organization a full strategy, allowing to improve the efficiency of the power system, and as a result, to obtain significant energy savings.
International standard ISO 45001 contains requirements for the organization of the system of management of professional safety and health.
The international standard ISO 14001 specifies requirements for an environmental management system (EMS). This document was developed in order to reduce the impact of the enterprise activity on the environment.
International GMP standard is the basic document according to which certification of pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Drugs, active ingredients, food supplements (dietary Supplements), medical devices and diagnostic equipment are manufactured in strict accordance with its requirements.
The international industry standard ISO 13485 specifies requirements for a quality management system of enterprises involved in the chain of medical equipment. Its use need manufacturers that produce materials and components for medical devices, companies that design and manufacture medical devices, and service organizations.
The international standard ISO 17025 is the main one for testing and calibration laboratories. It contains requirements for the level of qualification of employees, the performance of laboratory equipment, the conditions under which measurements are carried out, the methods used, document management, etc.

Quality management system

The international standard ISO 9001 establishes the requirements for functioning at the enterprise the quality management system (QMS), compliance with which guarantees high quality of his work and reliability as partner and supplier.
The objectives of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification System (ISCC) are to create an international, practically viable and transparent certification system for biomass and bioenergy.


GMP+ is a standard that is designed to ensure the safety of various feeds, ingredients, premixes, combined feeds, as well as food additives for animals.
The ISO 27001 standard is intended for the certification of information security management systems (ISMS) in any organization. Fulfillment of its requirements allows to minimize the risks of loss of information assets of the enterprise, which is very relevant at the present time.
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