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The international standard IFS based on the principles of HACCP and ISO 9001 and aimed at ensuring food safety in its manufacture and packaging. It is a joint development of the Companies of the German retail trade (HDE) and the Federation of enterprises of trade and distribution in France (FCD) and serves as a tool through which trade networks are evaluating their suppliers.

The benefits of certification of the company according to the IFS
The company has the IFS certificate gives a guarantee that the manufactured food products conform to quality and safety. In addition, the IFS certification provides:
  • recognition from the international organization GFSI;
  • minimizing the risks of food safety;
  • the admission of goods to the stores of large retail chains;
  • reputation as a supplier of high quality products;
  • reduction of costs for confirmation of conformity of food products in the supply;
  • access to the international market;
  • increasing the investment attractiveness of the company.
IFS can be easily combined with a BRC, as both contain approximately 50% of the same requirements.
Certification from the MNC Group – why clients choose us?
As a recognized expert in the field of food safety, the company MNC Group helps all actors in the supply chain of food products to ensure their compliance with the requirements of IFS. Our auditors are qualified and provide services of the highest quality.
We offer our clients:
  • Quality technical support;
  • pre-certification audit;
  • certified according to IFS standard.
You need a IFS certificate? Use the services of MNC Group!

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