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International GMP standard is the basic document according to which certification of pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Drugs, active ingredients, food supplements (dietary Supplements), medical devices and diagnostic equipment are manufactured in strict accordance with its requirements.

The company has a GMP certificate confirms that the products are manufactured in conditions that prevent unauthorized access by third substances have the required chemical composition and packaged properly (it will retain its properties throughout the shelf life).
The benefits of certification of the company according to the GMP standard
In Ukraine, certification of pharmaceutical enterprises in accordance with GMP is required. According to Ukrainian law, drug manufacturers must have the documents confirming conformity of production to requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP).
What gives this certificate to the manufacturer? This:
  • delivering consistently high quality products;
  • enhancing competitiveness;
  • obtaining of advantages when participating in tenders;
  • the growth of investment attractiveness;
  • access to foreign markets.
The GMP certificate is valid for 5 years and has international recognition.
Certification from the MNC Group – why clients choose us?
Our company MNC Group officially accredited body offering certification services to companies located in all regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries. For many years we are certified by GMP standard, and we know how to do it quickly and with impeccable quality. All customers are provided with maximum assistance and professional support.
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