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HACCP is a system of identification, assessment and control of hazards throughout the production chain of food – from receiving raw material through to implementation to the final consumer. She works proactively, allowing to effectively prevent risks and to obtain high-quality and safe products that meet international requirements. The HACCP system can be used by organizations that produce food products, produce packaging or sell them.

The benefits of certification of the company’s HACCP
Availability of the company’s certified HACCP system not only provides the strict control over food safety and reduces the risks of contamination at all stages of production, but also brings its activities to a qualitatively new level. This certificate:
  • gives documentary evidence of food safety;
  • provides credibility to the company’s products by consumers;
  • attract new partners interested in quality products;
  • increases the company’s chances to win the tender;
  • open up the international market.
The HACCP system is used in most countries of the world, and in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, its implementation is required at the legislative level.
Why clients choose us?
We are the official representative of International certification bodyand guarantee high quality of provided services. Our team of experts in the field of food security for more than 10 years conducting audits of companies for compliance with HACCP principles.
Turning to us, you will get:
  • technical support;
  • pre-certification audit;
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