• TÜV Rheinland
    We are pleased to announce that TÜV Rheinland is our product safety and quality partner.
    Founded almost 150 years ago, the company is one of the world's leading providers of testing services with more than 20,600 employees and annual revenues of around €2 billion.
    We appreciate their highly qualified experts who conduct tests of technical systems and products around the world, support innovation in technology and business, train people in numerous professions and certify management systems according to international standards.
    TÜV Rheinland inspires trust in products and processes in global value chains and commodity flows.
    In addition, since 2006 TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the UN Global Compact aimed at promoting sustainable development and fighting corruption, underscoring their commitment to building a safer and more sustainable world for all.
    We are proud to work with TÜV Rheinland and believe that our partnership provides our customers with high quality products and services.
  • TBG GmbH
    We are honored to work with TBG GmbH, a team of like-minded people who have been actively engaged in the quality and safety of people's lives for several years.
    Their main desire is to achieve better results for their clients, and we are sure that this will lead to progress and give more guarantees to others.
    TBG GmbH adheres to three main principles:
    TECHNIK - Knowledge of technologies and best practices!
    UMWELT - Environmental security for life!
    VERTRIEB - Implementation of high-quality products, compliance with international standards!
    We are delighted to partner with TBG GmbH and are confident in the quality of their products as well as their commitment to the values of quality and safety.
  • LL-C
    Our partner, LL-C is an international group of professionals engaged in providing a full range of certification, testing and training services.
    They offer high-quality service and support to their customers, which is their top priority
  • АНК Ukraine
    Our partner, ANK Ukraine, is a German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is part of the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce (AHK) with offices in 92 countries around the world.
    Founded in Kyiv in 2016, AHK Ukraine supports Ukrainian and German companies in the development of international business and is an important platform for bilateral economic exchange.
  • Chemonics International, Inc.
    Our partners, Chemonics International, Inc. is a world leader in innovative solutions to solve global problems.
    They believe that communities around the world can innovate to solve complex problems, and for that they need a global network that connects these communities.
    Chemonics International, Inc. represents such a network, which includes thousands of local experts who are ready to help spread effective ideas in different regions of the world.
    As partners, we are ready to work with Chemonics International, Inc. and use their global network to achieve our goals and solve complex problems.
  • GIC
    We are proud to announce that GIC is our partner.
    GIC is an international certification body that is accredited by the IAS and specializes in the certification of management systems, as well as providing product certification, auditor training, auditor registration, testing within the framework of the "one stop" concept.
    Thanks to cooperation with such a professional and experienced partner, we can provide our customers with a full range of certification services and ensure their compliance with international quality and safety standards.
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