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The international standard ISO 17025 is the main standard for testing and calibration laboratories. It contains requirements for the level of qualification of employees, the performance of laboratory equipment, the conditions in which measurements are made, the methods used, document management, etc.

Accreditation of a laboratory according to ISO 17025 provides recognition of its technical capabilities for calibration of measuring instruments or testing of products, components, materials.

Benefits of ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation
ISO 17025 accreditation is an official recognition by an authorized body that a laboratory has sufficient competence to perform certain tasks. This gives many advantages when conducting business activities. This procedure ensures
  • The laboratory operates under a unified system of standards and requirements;
  • increased confidence in the results and international recognition;
  • Increased competitiveness;
  • the opportunity to participate in tenders for testing for third-party organizations;
  • high reliability of test results.

Accreditation by MNC Group - why do clients choose us?
If you need to accredit the activities of a testing or calibration laboratory, use the help of MNC Group specialists. Our staff includes certified expert auditors with extensive experience in this field. At all stages of accreditation, MNC Group clients receive maximum support. We:
  • provide the necessary technical advice;
  • organize staff training;
  • conduct a free diagnostic audit;
  • carry out accreditation of the laboratory according to ISO 17025.
Cooperation with us is profitable and very convenient! Do you want to make sure of this? Contact our manager right now and ask him all the questions you are interested in.
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