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Standard for energy management system ISO 50001 provides any organization a full strategy, allowing to improve the efficiency of the power system, and as a result, to obtain significant energy savings.
ISO 50001 can be integrated into other enterprise management systems such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000.

The benefits of certification of the company according to ISO 50001
The certificate of conformity to ISO 50001 improves the reputation of the enterprise and simplifies the inspection of various government authorities and oversight bodies. It can also be noted:
  • improving financial performance in the result of energy savings;
  • reduction of unproductive expenses;
  • increase market value of the company;
  • the growth of investment attractiveness;
  • ensuring advantages when participating in tenders.
Certification of the company according to the standard reputation of ISO 50001 is an open demonstration of loyalty and social responsibility that is highly appreciated by foreign partners.
Certification from the MNC Group – why clients choose us?
Our company is the official representative in Ukraine of International body on certification, which ensures international recognition of certificates issued by us. Qualification to work with us auditors confirmed in the well-known certification companies TUV, MI, BVQI, TNO Certification.
We offer our clients:
  • competent Advisory support;
  • pre-certification audit;
  • certification according to ISO 50001.
Get the certificate of ISO 50001 in the MNC Group! Many of our customers have already appreciated the reasonable pricing and high quality of our services.



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