ISO 9001 | Quality management system

The international standard ISO 9001 establishes the requirements for functioning at the enterprise the quality management system (QMS), compliance with which guarantees high quality of his work and reliability as partner and supplier. It is universal and can be applied in any organizations, irrespective of their activities. Currently the certificate of conformity to ISO 9001 ensures the company access to domestic and international market.

The benefits of certification company ISO 9001
The efficient functioning of the enterprise QMS, officially confirmed by certificate of conformity to ISO 9001 gives organizations many benefits, including:
  • improved manageability of the company;
  • increased competitiveness;
  • expansion of sales markets;
  • increasing the number of loyal consumers;
  • more chances to win the tenders;
  • reducing the number of audits the second party;
  • further improving the ranking and image of the company.
ISO 9001 is compatible with other standards for management systems, for example, in the field of energy, information security, ecology, professional safety and labor protection, etc., so it can be used as the core when building in the organization of integrated management systems.
Certification from the MNC Group – why clients choose us?
Our company guarantees the impartiality and independence of evaluation in the procedure of certification of QMS. At all stages we provide to our customers maximum assistance.
We provide:
  • internal auditor training requirements and methods to construct standard ISO 9001;
  • pre-certification audit to determine the readiness of an organization for certification;
  • certification of QMS.
You need confidence in business operation? Get certified in MNC Group!

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