Congratulations to CFG TRADING LLC for successfully passing the GMP+ audit

We are pleased to congratulate CONTINENTAL Farmers Group on behalf of MNС GROUP for successfully completing the audit according to the GMP+ standard at two locations, CFG Trading(GMP058594) in Ukraine and CFG Trading Switzerland SA(GMP058595). This remarkable achievement confirms the high level of feed safety maintained by CONTINENTAL Farmers Group.
CONTINENTAL Farmers Group has demonstrated and affirmed its strengths in the field of GMP+ feed safety standard. This includes strict quality control, adherence to regulations and standards throughout the production, storage, and distribution of feed products. The company places special emphasis on animal safety and health requirements while following all necessary procedures and protocols concerning the quality of feed ingredients and finished feeds.

It is important to note that the audit was conducted on behalf of CONTINENTAL Farmers Group by control union, underscoring the seriousness and objectivity of the evaluation. CONTINENTAL Farmers Group showcased excellent work and cooperation during the audit, contributing to its successful completion.

We congratulate CONTINENTAL Farmers Group on this significant accomplishment and are confident that the company will continue to uphold high feed safety standards and strive for further improvement in its operations.


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