Confectionery factory T-Prestige has passed the ISO 22000:2018 recertification audit

Confectionery factory "Confectioner T-Prestige" has successfully completed the recertification process according to the ISO 22000 standard, which emphasizes its high standards of food safety even in the conditions of military operations. The ISO 22000 standard establishes requirements for food safety management systems and includes a number of key nuances that a company must consider and implement to be compliant.

One of the important aspects that Confectioner T-Prestige took into account when obtaining the certificate is the implementation and continuous updating of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, which allows to identify, assess and control risks associated with product safety at all stages of production.

Another important aspect is process management, starting with raw material suppliers and ending with the delivery of finished products. "Confectioner T-Prestige likely pays attention to quality control at all stages of the supply chain to ensure that the ingredients used meet safety standards.

Also, the company regularly conducts internal and external audits to ensure that its food safety management system meets the requirements of the standard. These audits help identify potential problems and make improvements to the system.

Obtaining the ISO 22000 certificate in wartime demonstrates the strong commitment of Confectioner T-Prestige to ensuring the safety and quality of its products, even in difficult conditions.

An additional aspect that Confectioner T-Prestige probably took into account during the ISO 22000 certification is staff training. Employees of the company should be familiarized with the principles of food safety, control procedures, and safety measures. Training may also include compliance with hygiene standards and product handling rules.

An important element of ISO 22000 compliance is also attention to product traceability and labeling requirements. The company has implemented systems that allow it to accurately trace the origin of each batch of products and respond quickly in case of a recall.

Control over equipment and production conditions is also an important component of compliance. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, as well as maintaining clean and hygienic production facilities, help minimize the risk of product contamination.

In the context of military operations, Confectioner T-Prestige also pays attention to ensuring the safety of personnel and the preservation of production facilities. This includes developing evacuation plans, security systems and measures to provide employees with the necessary resources under stress.

As a result, the successful ISO 22000 certification in wartime conditions demonstrates not only the quality of products, but also the strategic stability and efficiency of the management of the T-Prestige Confectionery.





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