AFG ELITE LLC received a certificate of safe feed production chain

AFG ELITE LLC is a modern enterprise with a well-developed infrastructure and highly qualified staff that is constantly evolving. The company is fortunate to be located in the very center of Ukraine, which gives advantages when choosing corn buyers. Cherkasy, Poltava, Kirovohrad, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions are the leading corn processors not only for all Ukrainian companies, but also for foreign partners.

Obtaining the GMP+ B3 (sale and storage of feed) and GMP+ B4 (transportation of feed) certificates requires a company to meet the requirements set out in these standards. To obtain certification, the company must implement and adhere to a number of measures and policies aimed at ensuring the safety and quality of animal feed. Here are the main steps we had to take to obtain GMP+ certificates:

  1. Develop and implement a quality system: It is important to develop and implement a quality system that covers all aspects of receiving, storing and transporting feed. This included establishing procedures, quality control of raw materials, internal control systems, product traceability, and other aspects.
  2. Technical requirements: The company has reworked the technical requirements that GMP+ standards impose on the enterprise, storage and transportation of feed.
  3. Staff training: The staff was fully trained and prepared to comply with the standards. This included training on hygiene, safety procedures, traceability and other aspects of the standards.
  4. Audits and internal inspections: Prior to receiving the certificate, the facility was fully audited and subjected to internal inspections to ensure that all processes were in compliance with GMP+ standards.
  5. Documentation: The company has updated detailed documentation of all feed storage and transportation processes to be able to demonstrate compliance during audits.

During the GMP+ certification audit, the company's compliance with the safety and quality requirements for the storage and transportation of animal feed is checked. The auditors evaluated various aspects of the company's operations and made sure that its quality and safety system complied with the requirements of GMP+ standards. During the certification audit, they checked:

  1. Production processes: The auditors checked the production processes, including the process of receiving raw materials, storage and shipment
  2. Raw materials: The quality and origin of raw materials used for feed production was checked, including analyzes and safety testing.
  3. Storage: The auditors checked the storage conditions of the feed, including compliance with temperature and humidity conditions to prevent product spoilage.
  4. Transportation: The safety and quality of feed transportation processes were assessed, including the choice of vehicles, transportation conditions and safety during transportation.
  5. Documentation and product traceability: Documentation was reviewed, including procedures, instructions and records of receipt, storage and transportation. The system of product traceability from raw materials to the final consumer is also checked
  6. Risk management: The risk management system was assessed, including measures to prevent product contamination and compliance with safety standards.

The auditors interviewed the staff, observed all processes, checked documentation and registers, and made all the necessary checks to ensure that the company complied with the requirements of GMP+ standards.

As a result, the company received a certificate that allows them to sell products around the world and join the ranks of certified companies, including selling products to companies certified under other recognized schemes: FCA, QS-CERTIFIED, UFAS, FSA ID, FAMI-QS, OQUALIM-RCNA International, PASTUS+, and others.



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