V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University has received the ISO 9001 Certificate from LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s. - A sign of Quality and Trust!

We are pleased to announce that V. N. Karazin University has received a certificate of compliance with the global management quality standard ISO 9001 for the third time from the outstanding certification body LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s. This certificate confirms the high standards that the University adheres to in the field of management and certification.

This ISO 9001 certificate from LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s. - is not only a recognition of V. N. Karazin's achievements, but also a sign of high trust and quality. Stay confident in the quality of your education with our partner LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.!

During this period of time, the university has managed to achieve significant success in improving the quality of education, optimizing management processes and ensuring compliance with high standards. The university team makes every effort to provide students with the best conditions for learning and development. It demonstrates constant development and analysis of the relevance of specialties and areas of study for students and introduces new trends in its educational process.

The audit involved all levels of the educational institution, from staff to students. The ISO 9001 certificate is an important step in the pursuit of excellence and the ability to serve the educational community at the highest level.

Advantages gained under the conditions of martial law

Resilience and Dedication:

Passing the audit and receiving the certificate during the war emphasizes the university's resilience and commitment to its goals.

Continuation of the Educational Mission:

The university continues its mission of providing high quality education even in uncertain circumstances.

Community and Support:

The university's community and partners support its efforts in a challenging geopolitical context.

Achievement in the face of difficulties:

Receiving the certificate indicates the university's ability to achieve even in the face of military conflict.

International Cooperation and Student Engagement:

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate from LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s. opens the door to new opportunities for V. N. Karazin.

Signing Contracts:

With the certificate, the university can sign contracts with other universities around the world, expanding international cooperation.

Attracting Students from Other Countries:

Confirming the high quality of education, the certificate increases the attractiveness of V.N. Karazin for students from different countries.

This ISO 9001 certificate from LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s. - is not only a recognition of V. N. Karazin's achievements in the conditions of military conflict, but also a step towards a new level of international cooperation and attraction of students from all over the world.

Thank you for choosing us as a certification partner once again and we wish you to develop and build a future full of knowledge and achievements!



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