Results of the year 2020

Dear friends, we would like to summarize the results of 2020 and thank all our partners, friends and colleagues who participated in the life of our company.

Last year helped us to appreciate the value of each employee and partner.

As a result of the past year, we not only did not reduce the number of clients, but also increased our client base. The largest number of audits was conducted by our specialists with notification on behalf of the international partnership of independent certification bodies S.I.C. GLOBAL Inc. Namely, 75 audits with a total duration of 188 audit days. In 2020, the number of audits and clients increased by 14.84%.

The company's specialists also conducted 20 trainings.

Also this year, we successfully passed an audit to expand the scope of notification (accreditation) for the possibility of issuing certificates in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP Codex Alimentarius/ Codex Alimentarius principles.

Also, 2 auditors and 1 technical expert joined our team.

Based on all of the above, we invite specialists from other certification bodies to join our team, including as external lead auditors/auditors/technical experts.


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