NovaAgro successfully received certification according to the GMP+ FSA 2020 standard

The NOVAAGRO group of companies, one of the leading companies in the agricultural sector of the Kharkiv region, successfully passed an audit and received a certificate of compliance with the GMP+ FSA standard in the area of ​​Production of feed material and Trade in feed.

The company was founded in 2009, and since then it has become a member of the European Business Association, the All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation" and the Interregional Union of Poultry and Fodder Producers of Ukraine. NovaAgro is actively developing and implementing high quality standards in its activities.

The audit of NOVAAGRO Group includes an inspection of the following locations:

"NOVAAGRO" house specializes in
grain processing and flour production, ensuring supply
grain and oil crops, production and sale of buckwheat groats, flour
higher and first grades, wheat bran, as well as liquid mineral
fertilizers (300 tons per day) and mineral fertilizers.
oil extraction plant (the village of Vasishchevo
Kharkiv region), acquired in 2020, opened a new direction for
companies - market of oil and fat products. The capacity of the plant is 180
thousand tons of sunflower per year, and the simultaneous storage capacity of the elevator is 6
thousand tons in metal silos.
After a thorough inspection of all production processes and compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, our team of auditors confirmed that NovaAgro meets all the requirements of the GMP+ standard. This certification testifies to the high quality of products and the reliability of the company's production processes.

The main aspects of the audit included:

quality management systems.
compliance of production processes with GMP+ standards.
compliance with hygienic norms and safety requirements.
product quality at all stages of production.
The NovaAgro company showed high professionalism and responsibility, which allowed it to successfully pass the audit and receive a certificate. This certificate confirms that NovaAgro products are manufactured in accordance with the highest international quality and safety standards, which is a guarantee of trust on the part of partners and consumers.

We congratulate the NovaAgro team on this important achievement and wish them further success in developing and strengthening their position on the market.




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