Letichevsky Combine Plant is certified according to the GMP+ standard: Ensuring quality and safety of production

In today's world, where agriculture and animal husbandry play a key role in providing food for our society, it is important to have high-quality and safe animal feed. One of the industry's established standards is GMP+, which provides feed producers with a reliable, standardized approach to ensure quality and safety.

GMP+ is an international standard developed for animal feed manufacturers. It sets standards for the quality of raw materials, production processes and the final product to ensure the safety and effectiveness of animal nutrition. The GMP+ certification indicates a high level of production and compliance with product safety requirements.

Letychevsky Feed Mill, located in the city of Letychev, Khmelnytsky region, is a prime example of a compound feed producer that has been certified according to the GMP+ standard. Established in 2014, the plant uses modern technological equipment from Rosal and has impressive production capacity.

The main advantages of GMP+ for the manufacturer are

  • Stability of production: The GMP+ standard helps maintain production stability by establishing clear processes and quality control at all stages of production.
  • Product safety: GMP+ certification guarantees a high level of product safety, including control over the use of raw materials and hygiene.
  • Implementation of innovations: Thanks to GMP+ standards, the manufacturer can easily implement innovative technologies and improvements to improve the quality of feed.

GMP+ certification is an important step for compound feed producers, allowing them to meet high quality and safety standards. Letychivskyi Feed Mill is recognized for its ability to produce high-quality products, thus ensuring efficient animal nutrition and supporting the development of the agricultural sector.

Being proud of its commitment to high quality and safety standards, Letychivskyi Feed Mill has received a certificate from a recognized European Certification Body - LL-C Certification. This certificate confirms that the plant meets the strict requirements and standards set by this body.

LL-C Certification has a high reputation in Europe and is recognized for its strict certification criteria. This certificate proves that Letychiv Feed Mill adheres to the highest standards of safety, production quality and ethical principles.

Obtaining a certificate from LL-C Certification is not only a confirmation of the plant's commitment to its customers and partners, but also a testament to the compliance of its products with high international standards. This allows consumers and business partners to rely with confidence on the quality and safety of feed produced by Letychivskyi Feed Mill.



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