Individual online meetings with potential Chinese counterparties

The EBRD, within the framework of the EU's EU4Business initiative, with the information support of the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine, invites Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises in the agriculture and food sector to participate in a B2B mission to China, which will take place on August 3-12, 2020, in the format of individual online negotiations with buyers.


Eight companies selected to participate through a competitive selection process and according to the criteria will receive:

- Organized online business negotiations with individually selected representatives of Chinese buyers, retailers, associations and retail buyers for each participating company to establish direct business contacts and sales;
- Personalized scheduling of online B2B sessions;
- Assistance in the preparation and translation of company presentation materials, including visual and textual adaptation to the Chinese market;

- Catalog with profiles and products of Ukrainian and Chinese companies;
- Organization and moderation of all online B2B sessions via WeChat;
- Full support of a Chinese translator at all stages of preparation of materials and during B2B meetings with Chinese counterparts;
- Assistance in establishing communication after the completion of B2B negotiations.
- The above services are funded. EU under the EU4Business initiative and are organized by the EBRD.

Eligibility criteria:

Only companies that meet the following mandatory criteria are eligible to apply:

The company is a small or medium-sized business with a maximum of 250 officially registered employees;
The company is a registered entity (private entrepreneur or legal entity) in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
At least 51% of the company's shares are owned by citizens of Ukraine (according to the Charter)
The company has a website in English;
The company has a good business reputation;
The company has not previously participated in trade missions or exhibitions of the project, or participated only once.
Step 1: Fill out the project participant form.

Step 2: If the Organizer makes a positive decision on the company's participation, send scanned copies of documents and photos confirming compliance with the project criteria to, namely

Charter and/or registration certificate showing the ultimate beneficiary(ies) of the company. For individual entrepreneurs - a copy of the registration.
Financial statements for the last year/quarter issued by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, which indicates the average number of employees, or an approved labor report indicating the number of employees of the company. For individual entrepreneurs - the latest tax return.


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