GP Agro (LLC "GP Agro") has successfully passed the recertification audit for compliance with the FSSC 22000 standard.

The company "GP Agro", specializing in the cultivation, harvesting, processing, and sale of frozen berries, fruits, vegetables, and their derivatives. GP-GROUP is a company that offers the highest quality in its industry due to innovative approaches and certified ISO 22000:2018 system. Located in the Kamianka-Buzka district of the Lviv region, the company has the advantage of fast export delivery to European countries. The company focuses on organic certification and the use of high-tech IQF freezing equipment, ensuring the preservation of all beneficial properties of the products. The company has its own fleet for product delivery, providing fast and reliable transportation. One of the key advantages is our own raw materials, which allows controlling the quality at every stage of production. GP Agro applies an individual approach to each client, ensuring high-quality service and meeting their needs and expectations.

We are pleased to announce that GP-GROUP has successfully passed the audit and received a certificate for compliance with the FSSC 22000 food safety standard. This certificate confirms the company's commitment to high quality and safety standards for production. The process of obtaining the certificate was carried out with great thoroughness and the support of the entire GP Agro team. Company employees have worked diligently on implementing and improving the food safety management system to meet the standard requirements. Obtaining the FSSC 22000 certificate is an important step for our company in confirming the ability to supply safe and high-quality food products. This success encourages further efforts to improve product quality and meet customer needs.

After passing the audit and receiving the compliance certificate, the company receives the following benefits:

Global recognition: The FSSC 22000 certificate is internationally recognized and is evidence of high standards of quality and safety for food products.
Increased consumer trust: Customers and consumers will have confidence in the quality and safety of your products, as the certificate demonstrates compliance with the highest standards in food safety.
Improved access to markets: Many retail chains, distributors, and importers require suppliers to have food safety certificates such as FSSC 22000 or other GFSI group standards, opening up new opportunities for business expansion and entry into new markets.
Risk reduction: Implementing a food safety management system helps reduce the risk of food hazards and potential compensation for their consequences.
Increased production efficiency: Having FSSC 22000 standards can improve production processes, reduce losses, and optimize resources.

Obtaining the FSSC 22000 certificate provides a powerful competitive advantage, positioning the company as a reliable and high-quality supplier of food products on the market. We wish the company further development and expansion into new sales markets.


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