GMP+ Academy Ukraine 2020

MNC GROUP, the official partner of the Nuremberg Training Center represented by TBG GmbH, invites you to take part in the only GMP+ Academy in Eastern Europe.

Knowledge of feed safety management is key to the future of the feed business internationally. This training is designed to transfer knowledge by providing access to information on behalf of leading industry experts, practitioners who are faced with the GMP+ standard every day in their activities.

The session is aimed at gaining knowledge and improving the skills of managers and specialists of feed industry enterprises, trade and transport organizations specializing in operations with grain, feed, feed materials, additives, premixes and compound feeds, etc. In an accessible form, using practical examples, we will show how the feed safety system should work according to GMP+ requirements, provide information on the changes in 2020 and tell you how to improve the feed safety system.


December 1-4, 2020


Hotel Baccarat
Venetian Island, 1, Kyiv, Ukraine


The number of seats is limited!
Or contact our manager:
+38 (067) 234-42-88
The training will be held in compliance with all recommendations

As it was in Ukraine last time:


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