Presentation of the ISO 13485 certificate to Astravir Technologies

Astravir Technologies is a manufacturer of various reagents for laboratory diagnostics: sample preservation and purification and PCR test systems. The company's product range includes up-to-date test systems for the detection of COVID-19, respiratory, herpes, hurricane, intestinal infectious, and cancer markers. The modern production facility occupies more than 1000 sq. m. The company employs more than 30 employees, including PhDs, in the laboratory. Thanks to the ISO 13485 certificate, which the company received while working with us, it has now begun active work on the European market. For the production of PCR kits, we use raw materials and components from leading world manufacturers. All raw materials and finished products undergo thorough quality control at all stages of production. We wish Astravir Technologies to master all the desired markets and to constantly improve and never stop there.


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