AGROSYNERGY LLC has been audited according to ISO 22000, GMP+ standards

AGROSYNERGY is engaged in the processing of sunflower seeds and the sale of unrefined oil and meal.

Using a strategy of continuous growth and development, the company plans to expand its market share, introduce its products to new consumers, improve product quality and safety, offer exclusive products, and increase its own capitalization.

Thanks to its result-oriented staff, the company has successfully passed the ISO 22000 and GMP+ audits, which enables the company to meet the requirements of the standards:

  1. Ensure product safety: The ISO 22000 standard helps to implement a food safety management system that helps to avoid product contamination and guarantees safety for consumers.
  2. Improving product quality: Implementation of the standard helps to improve production processes, quality control and product traceability from raw materials to finished products. This can improve the quality of oilseed products.
  3. Consumer confidence: With ISO 22000 certification, a company can assure consumers about the safety and quality of its products. This can increase consumer and buyer confidence in the enterprise's products.
  4. International market: If an enterprise is planning to export its products to international markets, ISO 22000 certification may be a mandatory or highly desirable requirement for a large number of buyers abroad.

Thus, the implementation of ISO 22000 can help an oil and fat company to improve the quality of its products, ensure safety for consumers and take a more confident position in the market.

For oil and fat companies that produce animal products, GMP+ certification is very important. Here are the benefits that an oil and fat company can get from implementing the GMP+ standard:

  1. Feed safety and quality: GMP+ certification guarantees the safety and quality of animal feed. This helps to avoid diseases and ensure the health and welfare of animals.
  2. Access to markets: Many buyers of animal feed require GMP+ certification as proof of product quality and safety.
  3. Reducing risks: Implementation of the GMP+ standard helps the company to reduce the risks associated with the production and use of animal feed.
  4. Consumer confidence: With a GMP+ certificate, the company can label its products as safe and of high quality, which increases the trust of consumers and partners.

Thus, GMP+ certification can be an important step in ensuring the safety and quality of the oil and fat company's products, especially if its products are used in the livestock industry.

We wish the company to realize all its plans to expand its sales market. And also to realize all the possibilities of the standard.



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